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Life Methods

Oxygen Advantage

Breathing is the most important function that keeps everything alive. Unfortunately nowadays massive amounts of people suffer from poor chronic breathing patterns and that decreases their quality of life, sport   and mental performance. We teach functional and adaptive breathing methods based on the Oxygen Advantage principles which can tremendously help to change that. As effective as they are, using these methods will give you immediate and long-term benefits in all areas of life.


Solar nutrition

Human body is made of nature and nature has its own cycles in which different procesess happen. Solar nutrition is a blend of modern circadian chronobiology and ancient knowledge which stimulates these cycles and produce robust generative and eliminative effects and improves circulation of body energies. It is similiar to playing the right notes at the right time in a song, it feels great. One of the best things about eating on time is that you dont really need to eliminate the foods you love from your life. You just need to know when to eat them.



As a holistic practise Life method incorporates unique techniques which make your movement effortless. We care a lot about spine mobilization and solid blood circulation which delivers the nutrients to tissues and releases the toxic waste out.

Our method includes mixture of Weckmethod (especially Ropeflow), Shaolin Qi Gong, Yoga, strength training, deep pressure therapy and others.

We always try to meet the person at their level and work from that, so dont be scared its going to be too hard for you. ;)


Natural Detoxification

When the river is congested the water can not flow. The same happens for energy in human body. All of our techniques involve an aspect of detoxfication, but we have some extra effective ones in our arsenal to boost these efforts. Everything is absolutely voluntary and tested by us to be safe. 


Disclaimer: Our methods are not intended to treat or cure any disease or substitute medical treatment.



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