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Breath. Nutrition. Movement.

Get better YOUR way.



Life Method is a project founded by David Riha, life-long explorer in areas of health, nutrition, creativity and movement. It brings scientifically based techniques to increase the physical and mental energy to improve vitality. Our methods help with blood circulation and elimination of toxins, so the body can return back to balanced state and facilitate healing or growth effectively. We know that everyone is on a different state physically and mentally, therefore we approach each client individually.


Our service is based on three interconnected pillars of health which are functional and adaptive breathing Oxygen Advantage, movement principles and exercises and nutrition style based on solar and organ cycles.


Our aim is to give our clients the right tools, so they are able to regulate their own body functions and improve their performance in area of their interest.


We offer private and online lessons, workshops for groups or sport teams. You can order us for your corporate team-building or any other suitable events.

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